Saturday, 5 October 2013

Whale Watching from Whitby

I’ve had a wonderful email from Suzanne, one of Dunsley’s regular guests, who has recently returned from Staithes. She writes “A highlight was whale watching out of Whitby ( It threw it down with rain for 3 out of the 4 hours at sea. It was so cold and blustery, 10 miles out ! We had to resort to the skipper's emergency ponchos but I can honestly say the discomfort evaporated in an instant at the first sight of the whales. Absolutely wonderful... better than cream teas at Falling Foss tea garden !! Can't wait to return to Dunsley in December, the Victorian weekend at Robin Hoods Bay, cooking in your super kitchen with a lovely open fire to keep us snug... bliss!”
 I was so tickled by this description that I asked for more detail, thinking you might enjoy it too. Here it is: “September/October  is the optimum time for the whale watching, simply because the herrings spawn at that time, so we were told. The guy that took us showed us on the monitor where the shoal was and we were literally sat on top of it. Because its so easy for the seals to feast on the fish they were bobbing about in the water looking completely stuffed and where there are seals (especially fat, sleepy ones) there are usually whales. The record for sightings was 35 seals and 17 whales surrounding the boat one afternoon. Incredible ! Just hope no joker starts doing the Jaws theme tune !!  Actually, it's better to go on a dull day because the glare makes staring at the sea uncomfortable after a while.  That said, it must be nice to be able to get off the boat and still be able to feel your limbs ! The boat carries just 12 people plus crew so you have a great all round view of everything. Hope you get to go soon.”
 Many thanks to Suzanne!

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