Friday, 25 April 2014

Private parking in Staithes

Parking in Staithes is at a premium. Very few cottages have access to beach-level parking, and the vast majority of guests pay to park at the 'top of the bank', at a cost of £35 per week. Last year, we bought a patch of land by the village lookout, on the lip of the bank, to create a private parking platform for guests at Dunsley holiday cottage ( For months we have been jumping through planning permission hoops with the North York Moors national park and the Highways Authority. Imagine our relief when we finally acquired all necessary permits for the parking and garden shed, which our guests can use to store bikes, surfboards or other items that need security. Work started this week and we hope it will be finished within 10 days. Here are pictures of our wonderful contractor, Nobles of Whitby, hard at work... we will update all our guests with details of how to access the parking, as soon as we have the barriers installed and a padlock code. Parking with a view: at last!
Parking platform in raw state! It will be finished with rolled stone
 Nobles men unloading local stone for the gabion baskets
Stone gabion baskets support the platform on the sloping site
Lowest point of the site, below shed platform and gabions

Digging the shed platform