Monday, 31 March 2014

Eggs: not just for Easter

Great news for egg lovers: they are not just for Easter. While chocolate and fancy designs rule the roost this month, guests at Dunsley holiday cottage ( can enjoy the real thing. Our neighbour Sonia, at Fossil Cottage, now has a brood of six happy hens in her allotment (near the car park). These free-range lovelies are also terrific egg producers, so Sonia regularly fills the egg box in Fossil Cottage's front yard. It's an honesty system, and the eggs are gorgeous! It's the ultimate breakfast treat: wander down to the butcher for fresh bread from Danby's Stonehouse bakery (meat lovers will also appreciate the excellent Staithes bacon and sausages), and an egg or two from Sonia's supply. Then enjoy the meal in Dunsley's private front yard or, if it's too cool, in the cottage with the stable door top open so you can take in the outside, from the inside. Heaven - and not a chocolate in sight.

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