Thursday, 22 May 2014

Private Parking for Dunsley Cottage

The private parking platform for guests at Dunsley cottage in Staithes ( is now complete. We are delighted to be able to offer the closest possible parking to the harbour village, on a smart new plinth by the Captain Cook lookout. Our local contractors have done a fantastic job building the 2-place platform, and another lower platform which will, hopefully by the end of summer, be home to a wooden shed. Duncan has made the steel barriers (NASA-worthy, like the cottage gate).
 Next job is to landscape - we plan to plant wildflower meadow seed, and buy montbretia and flax from Poet's Cottage shrub nursery in nearby Lealholm. By the time we've finished, Dunsley guests will have access to a garden with a view over the river and cliffs to the sea, enjoyed in evening and morning sunshine from strategically placed benches. Ah, the plans! In the meantime, the private parking is now available... it's a real rarity in Staithes, and saves our guests £35 per week public car park charges, plus it's a shorter distance to walk from the cottage. Enjoy!

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