Thursday, 14 August 2014

Weird and wonderful tides

We saw some extraordinary tides at Staithes on Tuesday this week: a low tide of 0.25m (compared with the usual neap of around 2.2m), and a high of 6.11m (compared with 4.35m). It was the combination of Spring tides on a full moon, when the moon was exceptionally close to the earth, with high pressure. It was really quite incredible: at low tide at midday the sea actually retreated out of the harbour, and the rock platform that makes up the surf break to the south was completely exposed. There were people walking all over it, where normally there are fish and seals. To the right, under Cowbar Nab, people were walking in 'the tangles', as the kelp beds are known.
 We were working on the parking platform, making it tidy and getting rid of weeds, and took time out to watch the action. These pictures were taken from the footpath that runs from the parking down to the harbour, at about 12.15pm. The first is across the harbour with the boats high and dry, and the second is the view toward Cowbar, showing the tide at the harbour entrance, instead of inside it!

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