Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sculpture in Staithes

All through winter, guests at Dunsley Cottage and visitors to Staithes have been in for a surprise: an extra bench on the promenade above the beach, forming part of an exquisite artwork. Relative Treats, a steel sculpture by Durham-based artist Ray Londsale, is a life-sized model of a grandmother and her grand-daughter. Portraying the link between generations, it shows the woman offering her open handbag to the child, who searches for sweets for herself, and a painkiller for her Gran.
 The detail is breathtaking: the lines on one face and youth on the other; the warm hat clamped onto one head and the bouncy ponytail of the child; the creases on clothing and angle of strained coat buttons, and especially the body language between the two.
 Relative Treats is on display, courtesy of Scarborough Borough Council and Ray Londsale, until April 19th. It is an absolute delight: don't miss it!

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